We are confident that DIATOOL is the #1 choice in high performance reaming.

15% off first order – August 1st through October 31st, 2015

Here are some of the reasons we will meet or exceed your expectations:

• 30 + years of experience in manufacturing and repairing high performance reamers.

• Laser-focused on reamers and reaming technology only: 50,000+ reamers per year.

• 3 x 3 quality inspection:  3 technicians using 3 calibrated 1 micron micrometers, documented and available for customer review upon request.

• Wide range of standard products to cover a large range of diameters and lengths.

• Provide the best geometry, cutting material and coating for your
application = fast cycle times and long tool life.

• No limit on the number of times a reamer can be re-tipped, as our
competitors do.  We re-tip the reamer as long as the body of the reamer is in good condition.  Rest assured, a re-tipped reamer is as good as new.

•We provide excellent application engineering and customer service from the quoting process to after the tools are delivered.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of this special offer with your customers today!


Any qualifying NEW reamer  application RFQ submitted between August 1st through October 31st, 2015 will receive a completed and signed copy of this discount certificate with your quotation specific to that order. When you place the order for the specific reamer/s quoted, please send the signed
certificate back to us via mail, fax, scan via email, and the discount will be applied.

An RFQ qualifies if it meets the following criteria:

• New* reamer opportunity at a new customer
• New* reamer opportunity at an existing customer
• New* opportunity to re-tip a competitor’s reamer
• Also includes old reamer opportunities that were not purchased.

*New is defined as never sold