Case Study: Roller Burnishing Replaces Hand Polishing

Summary Of Results


A manufacturer needed a better means of achieving the 0.5 Ra finish they required on their parts made out of a high tensile steel. Previously, this was accomplished by a turning operation followed by hand polishing to achieve the required finish.
Material: High tensile alloy steel S355J2+N
Machine: CNC Lathe 
Part Specifications: Ø240mm x 385mm long
Finish Required: 0.5Ra
Turning Operation:  245m/min @ F0.30
Finishing Operation: Hand Polishing/Abrasive paper @ 30 minutes per part


The Monaghan team proposed the use of an Elliott OD Carbide Roll Burnishing Tool S2075-00M in order to consistently produce the surface finish needed and reduce the total cycle time.
Burnishing speed: 245m/min
Feed: 0.15mm/rev
Diameter reduction: 0.02-0.03mm
Time Saving: 22 minutes per part in 1 operation
od carbide roller burnishing tool in turret


With the Elliott OD Carbide Roll Burnishing Tool, the company was able to produce a significantly finer surface finish on a consistent basis. The company no longer needed to hand polish and was able to finish the part within the CNC automated cycle. 
Roller burnishing tool in cnc machine
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