Case Study: Diamond Burnishing a Shaft Bearing Journal

Summary Of Results


This customer was manufacturing alloy steel hardened shaft bearing journals using a Pittler vertical CNC lathe with the axle mounted on the rotary table. The shaft hardness had to be 52-55 HRc, and a surface finish of less than 16 Ra microinches (0.4 Ra). Before they turned to us for suggestions, here was their pre-op process:
Turning Operation prior to burnishing:
shaft bearing surface finish after diamond burnishing


After the customer contacted us, we suggested using a special diamond burnishing tool made by Elliott Tool Technologies. Here were the statistics for the new burnishing solution:
diamond burnishing tool


The special diamond burnishing tool produced the desired surface finish of less than 16 Ra microinch (0.4 Ra). The tool saved our customer from having to purchase an expensive grinding machine, saving them $130,000. The tool also allowed them to keep the process in one setup, saving a lot of time and energy.

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