Case Study: Burnishing a Railway Axle


A customer that we were servicing was manufacturing alloy steel railway axles with 203.225mm shaft diameters that required a 7 Ra microinch (0.18 Ra) finish using a Danobat Double-ended CNC Lathe. Before contacting us, the company was transferring the part to another department to grind down excess material that was causing them not to achieve the required surface finish.


We suggested that they use a carbide-roll burnishing tool instead of transferring the part to a different department to grind off the excess material. Here were our final burnishing operation statistics:
roller burnishing tool


Our carbide-roll burnishing tool produced a surface finish of 6 to 7 microinch (0.15-0.18 Ra), and allowed the customer to complete their railway axles in one process without the need to transfer the unfinished part for grinding to achieve the required finish.
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