Case Study: Burnishing a Valve Seal Body

Summary Of Results


A manufacturer was machining stainless steel valve seal bodies using a Mori Seiki SL250 CNC Lathe. The valve body required a 60-degree inclusive angle to have a 16 Ra microinch (0.4 Ra) finish.
Previously, the company achieved this surface finish by using a boring bar with a light cut at a slow feed. This process was inconsistent and produced too many rejected parts, so they turned to us for advice.
valve seal body burnished using a burnishing tool


We recommended a CB297-00 Single Roll Burnishing Tool made by Elliott Tool Technologies. The customer mentioned that this tool was easy to set up and program, especially since the burnishing process is similar to the boring process.
Single roller burnishing tool boring bar style


Here were the final burnishing statistics:
Elliott Tool Technologies’ single roll burnishing tool produced a consistently high-quality surface finish, eliminating scrap parts. Cost savings for the customer were a result of:

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