Engineered Success Guarantee — FAQs

General Messaging

1. What is the Engineered Success Guarantee?

  • It’s a process that allows us to guarantee the goals that you have for results of a new project by putting a dedicated Engineered Success Team on your project. This ESG Team enables us to guarantee that your product will be manufactured as planned, on time, on budget and will meet or exceed your engineering parameters.
  • If the product fails to meet any of the agreed to parameters, you owe us nothing until we get it right.
  • The specific elements that we guarantee depends on the project, but might include:
    • Tool delivery date
    • Response time from the ESG team
    • Quality/SPC/CpK
    • Cycle Time
    • On-site support and operator training

2. Do you guarantee all your projects?

  • No, because not all projects are of the size and scope that require the investment of our ESG Team, but, even with smaller projects, we stand behind the quality of our tools like we’ve been doing for the last 30 years. You will still receive the same support that Monaghan Tooling Group has always offered.

3. How do I find out if my project qualifies or is the right fit for the extra investment in technical resources?

  • Contact Monaghan Tooling Group today at 937-253-7706 or email  to speak with a representative to see if your project qualifies.

4. What are some of the ways my project would not qualify for the Engineered Success Guarantee?

  • Your project might be too far along in the planning process for us have enough input that would allow us to guarantee your project’s success.
  • Our experience might tell us that your (cycle time, quality) requirements are not realistic and we would be happy to keep working to find the outcomes that meet your goals.
  • The size and scale of the project may not require the engagement of our Engineered Success Team. But as always, we would love to work with you and we will stand behind the quality of our tools like we’ve been doing for the last 30 years.

5. I’m in! What is the first step?

  • Let’s set up a video conference with our Engineered Success team. It’s important that all the stakeholders on your side attend this meeting as well. At that meeting, we will have lots of questions and we will, together, build the details of what success looks like that we will stand behind.

6. How often will I receive an update on my project?

  • We will schedule weekly video meetings to make sure that we are always on the same page. These meetings will be longer at first and then become very brief but still critical making sure the project goes as planned.

7. If my tools require modification how fast will they be turned around?

  • While it really depends on the extent of the modification, as an Engineered Success Client, we will prioritize the modification so as to minimize impact as much as possible.

8. Will I have a project team assigned to my project?

  • Yes! As an Engineered Success client, you will be assigned an Engineered Success Team that will be working with you up to and after production starts.

9. Will I have a single point of contact regarding my project?

  • Yes. A project manager will be the quarterback throughout the process making sure that our technical staff and your project team stay in sync.