General Questions
Monaghan Tooling Group (MTG) is the exclusive marketing agent for Elliott Tool Technologies and their metal finishing products. Elliott Tool Technologies is the manufacturer of the line of metal finishing tools we provide. Monaghan Tooling Group is also the master distributor for Diatool high performance reamers, UC Tools PCD tooling, MK Tools solid carbide tooling, AXIS solid carbide micro-machining tools and RE-AL Swiss precision HSS-E reamers. MTG also represents other cutting tools as well.

Monaghan Tooling Group (MTG) has two separate business units that have individual administrative and operational structures. MTG and Elliott Tool Technologies provide you with roller burnishing tools, carbide burnishing tools, diamond burnishing tools, mechanical joining tools, internal recessing units (IRU), elliptical deburring tools (EDT) and back chamfering units (BCU). If you need one of these products, please make your purchase order out to ELLIOTT TOOL TECHNOLOGIES. In addition, MTG also has a full line of high performance reamers, solid carbide step tools, form tools, endmills and drills, custom PCD round tools, microtooling, compensation holders, PCD and CBN tipped inserts, semi-finished & special blanks, tool holders, adapters, HSK, CAT, BT and other connections. If you need one of these tools, please make your purchase order out to MONAGHAN TOOLING GROUP.

Quotes for standard tools will be sent to you within 24-48 hours. Quotes for special tools, tooling packages, etc. will take longer due to their complexity. In most cases, you will receive these quotes within 2-4 business days.

Please contact us for an RMA number before you send anything back to us. We will provide you with an RMA number and send you a copy of the RMA for you to include in the box with the tool for return.

We try to use distributors whenever possible because they are often closer in proximity to you and have reps that will come to your site for assistance. We use many distributors and can usually recommend a few for you. If you have a preferred distributor, please let us know who that is and we will make every effort to work with and through them. Ultimately, our goal is to work with the distributor of the end user’s choice.

Yes. Our minimum order amount is $50.00.

Yes. We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Please call us at 800-732-4565 and ask for technical support or email us at Our entire team looks forward to assisting you with finding answers to your questions.

Most tools can be repaired, if they have not been misused. If you send us your tool for repair, we will inspect and evaluate the tool and send you a quote before any repairs are done. Cost and lead times are all dependent on what repairs need to be made to the tool. Please call us to discuss what challenges you are having with your tool and to get an RMA number for the return.

General Burnishing Questions

Please refer to the chart:

The tool should be removed from the bore with a rapid feed.

The short answer is: yes. The stipulation is that material must be ductile in order for the burnishing process to work. The lower the ductility, the less results you get from the burnishing process. As materials get harder, they become less ductile. Therefore, the burnishing process has less effect on the material.

A multi-roller burnishing tool can be run on a lathe, mill, drill press or in some cases even by hand. A single point burnishing tool is meant to be run on a lathe but an exception would be in a boring head on a milling machine.

Yes roller burnishing works hardens the surface of the part. Please click here for the hardness table. Table Coming Soon!

Normally a coating will chip when burnished. Please consult us to discuss your specific application.

No. Plastic is not conducive to burnishing because it cannot be displaced, which is how burnishing works.

Our ID roller burnishing tools are interchangeable with the Madison-style ID roller burnishing tools. None of our other tools are interchangeable with any other brand.

Yes, coolant is necessary. Any good water-soluble or synthetic coolant will work with a recommended concentration of 8% or higher.

You can use oil in place of coolant if you prefer.

A single point tool is ideal so that the peak to valley ratio can be controlled. However, by adjusting the amount of stock left in the bore, you can burnish after reaming and possibly drilling.

ID Roller Burnishing Tool Questions

Please click here for our ID roller burnishing tool setting and operating instructions.

Please click here for our roll replacement instruction sheet. Coming Soon!

Yes. Most, if not all, of our tools are available with Imperial and metric shanks.

Our roller ID through and blind style burnishing tools are made with a right hand helix cage. They can only be run using a right hand spindle machine. If you would like a through style tool for a left hand spindle, it would be a special. Our full bottoming tools have no helix angle so they can run in either right or left hand rotating machines. Please call us to discuss.

This is all dependent on what kind of tool you require. Complete special tools of any kind typically take anywhere from 6-8 weeks. If the tool is a modified standard tool, the typical delivery is 3-4 weeks. Please call us with your specific application and we will quote accordingly.

Yes and no. Burnishing can help to improve the roundness of a part, but by design, is made to follow the existing bore. It may help to round it up, but we cannot guarantee that it will make it completely round.

Yes and no. It will depend on the diameter of the part and how much that diameter needs to be increased.

There is no clutch on a multi-roller burnishing tool.  The cage rotates via planetary gear rotation.  When the rollers make contact with the part surface they begin to rotate which then causes the cage to rotate at a slightly slower speed than the part in a turning machine or the spindle in a milling machine. Watch how it works.

We manufacture three standard styles of rolls: Through, Blind and Full Bottoming. Our Through style roll has a short straight land behind the lead radius. This style of roll is only available on standard tools starting at .625 diameter. The Blind style has a lead radius and is also referred to as a close approach roll. It can burnish a through hole or burnish closer to the bottom of a bore than a true through style roll. The full bottoming roll is exactly what it sounds like, it is designed to burnish to the bottom of a bore. View it in the catalogue. Coming Soon!

Engineering Questions

Yes, we can supply an Autocad print of a tool. The print will not have any proprietary or detailed information on it. Please contact us to get the print.

Yes, we can supply asolid model of a tool. The file will not have any proprietary or detailed information on it. Please contact us to get the file.

Speed and Feed Questions

Please click here for our ID roller burnishing tool setting and operating instruction sheet.

Please click below for our OD roller burnishing tool setting and operating instruction sheet. TM-104-5452-OD-Multi-Roll TM-30-5451-OD-Multi-Roll

Please click here for our Carbide roll setting and operating instruction sheet.

Please click below for our Diamond tool setting and operating instruction sheets. TM-10-S2295-00-Diamond(Boring-Bar) TM-61-2300-00-Diamond(Stick) TM-61-S2300-00-Diamond(Stick)

Please click here for our IRU setting and operating instruction sheet.

Please click here for our BCU setting and operating instruction sheet.

Please click here for our Diatool reamer setting and operating instruction sheet.

Consult us for more specifics on special high performance cutting tools.

Diamond Burnishing Tool Questions

Our standard diamond tool is made up of the holder, spring and stem. Our kits contain one complete tool, an additional stem and additional spring.

Our standard diamond stems are not able to be relapped. Some of our special stems can be, based on their design. Please call us to discuss.

Carbide Burnishing Tool Questions

For most applications, the .031 radius roll will do an excellent job burnishing the part. However, there are applications and materials where other radii would be a better option. Please call us to discuss your specific application.