How Burnishing Creates a Smooth Surface Without Strain

What is Burnishing?

Approximately $2.17 trillion is contributed to the U.S. economy by manufacturers. Manufacturers must rely on special tools to hone metal to meet the satisfaction demands of its customers. How can a manufacturer finish a metal part without relying on abrasive processes such grinding? Burnishing tools are optimal for achieving a uniform and mirror-like finish. Here’s everything you need to know about burnishing to achieve a smooth surface without strain.

What is Burnishing?

Burnishing is a method for hardening and polishing metal surfaces that have previously been machined. When metal is machined, microscopic peaks and valleys create surface roughness. A burnishing tool for metal compresses the peaks into the valleys to harden and even the surface. Any visual defects are eliminated and the process leaves a smooth shine.

Abrading Versus Burnishing

The main difference between abrading and burnishing is that abrading removes metal from the part. Abrading can leave sharp projections on the machined surface. Burnishing tools result in plastic deformation of the part. Plastic deformation is a permanent process that applies pressure above the yield point of the metal. A good example of plastic deformation would be crushing an aluminum can.

The rollers work to compress the metal without removing any metal from the surface. Almost any type of metal can be burnished both internally and externally. The process has been used widely in the automotive industry to finish transmission parts, brakes, and pistons as well as other types of pars such as plumbing fixtures and valves.

Benefits of Burnishing

Other than a mirror-like shine, burnishing has several other benefits. It’s a cost-effective way to strengthen the metal part and prevent corrosion. A burnished workpiece has a higher resistance to fatigue failure and is less like to develop cracks and other imperfections. Burnishing tools also create short lead times. They’re compatible with hand drills and a variety of machine setups and processes, which eliminates the need for secondary processes and machines.

If you’re looking for a precision metal finishing, burnishing tools are an ideal solution. At Monaghan Tooling Group, we provide high-quality cutting and precision metal finishing tools for a wide range of manufacturing and production partners. Contact us today for a free quote!

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