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Burnishing solutions for countless applications.

Together with Elliott Tool Technologies, we’ve been solving the toughest precision finishing challenges with high quality standard and special burnishing solutions for over 25 years.

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The most efficient method of machining internal grooves in one operation.
  • Fast, efficient, and consistent machining of internal grooves concentric to bores.
  • Minimize cycle time while eliminating deflection and guaranteeing repeatability.
  • Accurate for diameter and axial position of grooves and lands (+/- .002”).
Eliminate secondary setups and machine precise back chamfers.
  • For precision back chamfering and deburring of holes from the front face.
  • Fast cycle times – measured in seconds.
  • The BCU pilot eliminates deflection and chatter while providing perfect concentricity.
  • Repeatable and accurate (+/- .002”).
Simplify burr removal on elliptical and curved surfaces.
  • Self-centering for an even chamfer of curved hole edges.
  • Replaceable TiN coated HSS-Co swivel-pivot blades easily follow any rounded hole.
  • Can be used with a hand drill, drill press or CNC machine.
The superior method for joining tubing to flanges and fittings.
  • Easily create secure, leak-proof joints between ductile tubular products and fittings.
  • Will not fail due to temperature change, vibration or pressure.
  • Superior to welded, brazed or crimped joints.