Eliminate secondary setups and machine precise back chamfers.

Measure cycle time in seconds, not minutes, with the Elliott Back Chamfering Unit. Precision back chamfering and deburring of holes from the front face with replaceable cutting blades and simple rapid-feed-retract programming.

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Machine precise back chamfers

  • Positively deburrs the rear of a hole from the front face.
  • Cutters are mounted within the support pilot – eliminating deflection and chatter – while providing perfectly concentric chamfers.
  • Excellent for large burr removal on tough to machine materials.

Eliminates secondary set-ups

  • By deburring and back chamfering from the front face, part-flipping, secondary set-ups and additional machines can be eliminated!


  • Can be used on CNC machining centers, special machines, transfer machines and drill presses.
  • M2 HSS cutters for: Low carbon steel, cast iron, aluminum and other non-ferrous materials.
  • ASP Powder metallurgy HSS cutters for: alloy steels, steels Rc 30-45, stainless steel and exotic materials.
  • CNC machine control for chamfer size.
  • Micro-adjustment for mechanical control of chamfer location.

Economical, Efficient, and Easy-to-Use

  • Fast cycle time – measured in seconds (cycle time is typically less than 5 seconds).
  • Blades can be resharpened 1-2 times and can also be replaced.
  • Easy to use rapid-feed-retract programming.

Designs available for a wide variety of components including:

Operating Procedure

View the Back Chamfering Unit in action:

Standard BCU Dimensions

  • Standard cutters available in M2 HSS to machine 45° chamfer.Special chamfer angles, radii and premium HSS quoted on request.
  • Standard hole diameters from .187” to .750”. Other sizes quoted on request.
  • Standard reaches available are 1” (25.4mm) and 1.77” (45mm). Longer lengths quoted on request.

1) Cutter (Produces chamfer to desired angle)

2) Location Pilot (Ground to suit component bore)

3) Bearing Nose Piece (Prevents face damage)

4) BCU Operating Head Bearing Nose Piece (Prevents face damage)

5) Adjustment Collar (Sets chamfer distance from nose piece ‘L’)

6) Limiting Nut (Sets diameter for cutting chamfer)

Technical Reference and Downloads

View the BCU Cutter Assembly in Action:

View the BCU Cutter
Removal in Action: