Simplify burr removal on elliptical and curved surfaces with Elliott deburring tools.

Self-centering Elliott elliptical deburring tools for an even chamfer of curved hole edges. Replaceable TiN coated HSS-Co swivel-pivot blades easily follow any rounded hole, providing a simple solution to a common, costly problem.

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Elliptical deburring tools are a simple solution to a costly problem!

  • Easily follows any rounded hole and produces and even chamfer of curved hole edges.
  • The constant pressure of the spring, combined with the pilot, keeps the cutter centered, ensuring a uniform burr removal.
  • Quick and efficient!
  • M42 HSS-Co uncoated or TiN coated cutters are available standard.
  • Cutting blades can be resharpened or replaced.
  • No tool settings required.
  • Can be used with a hand drill, drill press or CNC machine.
  • Preferred method of deburring crankshaft holes.

Standard Dimensions

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