easyZERO runout compensation nuts quickly correct runout errors and misalignment for all round tools using ER collets.

Easy-to-use, innovative replacement nuts feature six adjustment screws that allow for up to 0.011″ (0.279mm)* runout to be dialed in easily, allowing for more accurate machining, tighter tolerances and better surface finishes—especially on difficult parts. Concentric cutting means that all cutting edges equally share the chip load, thus increasing tool life and lowering tool costs. Rapidly dialing in the desired runout with complete control ultimately saves time and increases process capability, due to decreased time tapping and resetting tools and collets.

ReamTec easyZERO compensation nuts are available from Monaghan Tooling Group in five sizes to fit ER16 to ER40 collets. They are ideal for all round tools where runout may be of concern, including reamers, drills and end mills, to name a few. Four kits are available which include the easyZERO nut, Hex Key, spanner and ER collet in various combinations.

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*dependent on nut size choice, tool length and application conditions