benefits of reaming tools

Manufacturing tools and processes are constantly evolving due to how much the industry is growing. In the United States, there are almost 12.5 million manufacturing workers, which make up 8.5% of the total workforce. Due to this growth, techniques and tools are being improved to make manufacturing easier.

One method that has improved over time is reaming. You may know the age-old debate over reaming and boring, but reaming has many benefits that make it the better method. Keep reading below to learn the reasons why reaming is the superior choice to producing bores.

What Is Reaming?

Creating bores is one of the most used processes among the various types of metalworking. Using a reamer precisely expands a pre-existing hole while making it smoother. Reamers create smaller cuts inside bores, which leads to higher precision.

Reamers are able to maintain constant feed rates, which allows a smaller margin of error compared to single-point tools. The reamer’s accuracy and quality make the process stand out compared to boring.

Using Reamers Reduces Waste

The precision of a reamer causes less material to be wasted. Reamers cut bores to be the exact size needed for your machinery, and this causes fewer parts to be unusable. Each of the bores you expand will be perfect since the process of reaming has dimensional accuracy.

Reaming is unlike boring because of its consistency in producing precise bores every time. You won’t waste material because of inaccuracy or improper sizing. Each bore will be the exact size needed, resulting in material not being thrown away.

Reaming Saves Money

Using a reamer saves money because the material is not being wasted, as mentioned above. High-performance reaming produces consistent bores every time, which results in saving money on materials. Investing in a high-quality reamer will save you money on materials in the long run.

Reamers also save you money because they do not need to be replaced as frequently. Reamers experience less wear and tear due to being multi-blade tools. More blades overall reduce the stress on each blade, and this results in having to replace your reamer less often.

Save Time With Reaming

Saving time is another benefit of reamers being multi-blade tools. Reamers can expand and smooth bores quicker due to having a higher feed rate. Even though these tools have more precision, they still operate at the same or even higher rates than boring tools.

Time is also saved because of the accurate creation of the bores. Workers will not have to redo any pieces because of any inaccurate dimensions. By using a reamer, you can guarantee quality work at a quicker rate.

All of the benefits of reaming make it the obvious choice when choosing a tool for producing bores. Accuracy and precision are guaranteed with reamers, and that alone is a reason to invest in one.