Diatool is capable of re-tipping reamers to “as good as new” condition at about half the cost of a new tool! Diatool does not set a limit on the number of times your reamer can be re-tipped. 
Diatool can recondition monoblock style reamers, cutting rings and modular reamers from most major competitors as well. Left-hand and right-hand helix, straight fluted, various geometries, face cutting and chip breaker geometries available on request using various cutting materials; CERMET, Carbide or PCD, with many advanced coatings to choose from.
Multiple layers of inspection to assure reamers meet our rigorous quality control standards. 
If you have a question about Diatool reamer re-tipping, you can contact our team here!
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Ask us about our emergency services for critical deliveries.Send your tools to us and we take care of the rest! It’s that easy.
Contact our team to see if your reamer is eligible to be re-tipped!