Diatool reaming logo

Diatool, is an industry leader in reaming technology. The proven geometries of DIATOOL high performance reamers produce precision bores at much higher feed rates than single-point tools – reducing cycle time and total cost of ownership.

MK precision drills logo

MK Tools endeavors to provide the best cost-effective and time-saving solid carbide solutions for your applications. Innovative designs and the latest generation of CNC grinding machines ensure solid carbide standard and special tools achieve the highest performance and quality possible.


MK Tools solid carbide speed drills


MK Tools solid carbide endmill


Rambo 3 flute solid carbide speed drill
Axis micro drills logo

AXIS is the world’s leading manufacturer of high precision tools for micromachining. Innovative standard and custom microtooling as small as Ø 0.03mm. Ultra-precision AXIS drills, endmills, engravers, routers, tapered tools, and reamers – stock and custom special tools for micromachining applications.

Axis micro drill for precise machining of small diameters
Axis micro drill
micro drilling tool
UC Tools PCD Tooling logo

UC Tools specializes in providing highly engineered PCD solutions for the machining of complex aluminum components – consistently delivering a high quality product with short lead times, for both new and reconditioned tools.

PCD round tool
PCD round tool made by UC Tools
RE-AL precision reamers logo

RE-AL, has over 50 years of focused experience that sets them apart in the world of precision HSS-E reaming. With their deep flutes and proprietary coating, ACUREA, they are able to exceed the cutting performance of solid carbide jobber reamers.

HSS RE-AL precision reamer to increase tool life
RE-AL reaming


easyZERO runout collet nut
Floating holder for precision reaming
easyZERO compensation nut for quickly correcting runout errors and misalignment.
Process capable floating holder options in a variety of sizes.