Custom and standard high performance cutting tools for machining precision holes.

Multi-blade reamers for superior quality bores and process stability.
  • The proven geometries of DIATOOL reamers produce precision bores at much higher feed rates than single-point tools – reducing cycle time and total cost of ownership.
  • A German-crafted plug & play solution in consistently short lead times.
Premium polycrystalline diamond tools for boring, reaming, drilling, and milling.
  • UC Tools specializes in providing German-engineered PCD solutions for the machining of complex aluminum components – consistently delivering a high quality product, with short lead times for both new and re-conditioned tools
Custom step tools, form tools, endmills, reamers, and standard drills.
  • Solid carbide products from MK Tools – combining German precision and high quality craftsmanship with advanced design, coatings and manufacturing technology.
  • MK delivers results in the most difficult applications.
Standard HSS-E reaming tools from Ø0.6mm in 0.01mm increments.
  • 50 years of focused experience sets RE-AL apart in the world of precision HSS-E reaming.
  • With their deep flutes and proprietary coating, ACUREA, RE-AL reamers are able to significantly exceed the cutting performance of solid carbide jobber reamers.
easyZERO compensation nut for quickly correcting runout errors and misalignment.
  • Adjustable compensation nut from Reamtec.
  • Compatible with all ER collet chucks – sizes ER16 to ER40.
  • Minimize runout for any round tool.
  • Priced to belong in every machinist’s toolbox!
Process capable floating holder options in a variety of sizes.
  • RE-AL compact floating holders with parallel axis for accurate position and self-centering.
  • DIATOOL floating holders with factory-set, true 360 float made possible by cylindrical roller design.
Innovative standard and custom micro-tooling as small as Ø 0.07mm.
  • Ultra-precision AXIS drills, endmills, engravers, routers, tapered tools, and reamers – stock and custom special tools for micro-machining applications.

As master marketing agent, we’re proud to exclusively represent Elliott Tool Technologies’ precision metal finishing tools.

Burnishing solutions for countless applications.

Together with Elliott Tool Technologies, we’ve been solving the toughest precision finishing challenges with high quality standard and special burnishing solutions for over 25 years.

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Other Elliott Tools

The most efficient method of machining internal grooves in one operation.
  • Fast, efficient, and consistent machining of internal grooves concentric to bores.
  • Minimize cycle time while eliminating deflection and guaranteeing repeatability.
  • Accurate for diameter and axial position of grooves and lands (+/- .002”).
Eliminate secondary setups and machine precise back chamfers.
  • For precision back chamfering and deburring of holes from the front face.
  • Fast cycle times – measured in seconds.
  • The BCU pilot eliminates deflection and chatter while providing perfect concentricity.
  • Repeatable and accurate (+/- .002”).
Simplify burr removal on elliptical and curved surfaces.
  • Self-centering for an even chamfer of curved hole edges.
  • Replaceable TiN coated HSS-Co swivel-pivot blades easily follow any rounded hole.
  • Can be used with a hand drill, drill press or CNC machine.
The superior method for joining tubing to flanges and fittings.
  • Easily create secure, leak-proof joints between ductile tubular products and fittings.
  • Will not fail due to temperature change, vibration or pressure.
  • Superior to welded, brazed or crimped joints.