Innovative Solutions Process

ISP - Innovative Solutions Process

Precision holemaking can present significant challenges to manufacturing engineers in high performance environments. At Monaghan Tooling Group our Innovative Solutions Process® is a deep dive analysis that delivers solutions that take your production line from today’s challenge to tomorrow’s success. There are six key steps in the Innovative Solutions Process®. 

We live precision hole-making everyday. We know the trends on what’s working. So you don’t have to. 


To solve your current challenge the Monaghan Tooling Group team will schedule a discovery session that will gather data, ask revealing questions and understand what has been tried, what has failed, as well as understanding the key timing requirements for the solution to be delivered.


Based on the results of discovery the Monaghan Tooling Group team… that’s the tooling specialist, project applications engineer, and project manager will analyze the symptoms to diagnose the true problem and then consider options for reaching the desired goal.


The Monaghan Tooling Group solution will be presented to you with tool drawings, cutting data, quotation and our commitment for this solution in performance, delivery, and support. We are committed that our quoted solution will meet or exceed the standards set up for this project.


Creating your tooling solution can take as little as two weeks and up to twelve weeks depending on its complexity. We are committed to meeting your production and delivery requirements.


The most exciting phase is when our solution gets installed and tested. Monaghan Tooling Group will provide in person or virtual support, it’s your choice, throughout the testing phase to ensure the project’s requirements are met.


Monaghan Tooling Group is always right behind you with what we call “Wingman Support.”  We are there when you need us. 

Why Monaghan Tooling Group

Manufacturing engineers choose to work with Monahan Tooling Group because of our Innovative Solution Process®. Through this process we take the time to understand the complete challenge that you’re facing. We deep dive to find the best solution for you. We are committed to honest delivery dates and we back them up. We are with you every step of the way on this journey in person or remote. And finally when it comes to wingman support we promise a same day response. This is the Monahan Tooling Group’s Innovative Solution Process® and why manufacturing engineers choose to work with us.

We Are Here To Help

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