MK Tools Speed Drill: Precision, Speed, & Optimal Performance

Discover Precision with MK Tools Speed Drill Series

Welcome to the frontier of cutting-edge manufacturing technology! MK Tool’s understands the intricate needs of modern engineers. That’s why they have crafted the Speed Drill Series, tailored to deliver unmatched precision, speed, and longevity. Unlock the potential of your projects with MK Tools’ Speed Drill Series – where precision meets efficiency. 

Why Choose the Speed Drill Series?

  • Standard Size Range: ∅ 3.00mm – 20.00mm
  • Available Length: 3xD – 12xD
  • Helix Angle: 30° Right Helix ensures efficient chip evacuation.
  • Cutting Direction: Right Hand Cut for standard machining applications.
  • Point Angle: 140° with a relieved cone for optimal centering.
  • Coating: GTX – high wear resistance.
Speed drills grouped

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Second Choice

Speed-Drill - S2

Speed Drill S2

Applications: Ideal for a broad range of drilling tasks, offering versatility with its 2 guide lands. Particularly suited for unalloyed to alloyed steel applications where general high-speed precision is required.

Materials: Unalloyed Steel, Cast Steel, Alloyed Steel

Speed Drill S2 Options:

  • 3XD or 5XD 
  • Coolant thru or Non-coolant fed

injection pump drilled with MK Tool's solid carbide drill

Injection Pump
Material: 42CrMoV4, Steel
Tooling: Special drilling tool with S2 geometry 
Advantages: Extended tool life and process stability

Speed-Drill - S4

Applications: Designed for tasks where hole quality is paramount. The 4 guide lands provide enhanced accuracy, ensuring exceptional roundness, straightness, and tight tolerance in various steel and cast iron materials.

Materials: Unalloyed steel, cast steel, alloyed steel, cast iron

Speed Drill S4 Options:

  • 5XD or 8XD 
  • Coolant thru or Non-coolant fed

Connecting rod drilled with MK Tools Solid Carbide Drill

Connecting Rod

Material: C70, Steel

Tooling: Drills with S4 geometry (coated) Spotfacing tools,     Z=6 (coated)

Advantages: Approx. 3000 holes (drilling)

Speed-Drill - X2

Speed Drill X2

Applications: Optimized for challenging materials like stainless steel, titanium, and nickel alloys. The 4-facet point coupled with 2 guide lands delivers a balanced performance for these harder alloys, ensuring reduced wear and improved hole quality.

Speed Drill X2 Options:

  •  3XD or 5XD
  • Coolant thru or Non-coolant fed

Speed-Drill - X4

Applications: Specifically engineered for deep hole drilling in tough materials such as stainless steel, titanium, and nickel alloys. With a 4-facet point and 4 guide lands, it provides stability and precision even in extended drilling depths.

Speed Drill X4 Options:

  •  8XD or 12XD
  • Coolant thru

Speed-Drill - A4

Speed Drill A4

Applications: Tailored for non-ferrous metals like aluminum, copper, and bronze. The combination of a 4-facet point with 4 guide lands ensures rapid material removal and a smooth finish in softer metal applications.

Speed Drill A4 Options:

  •  5XD or 8XD 
  • Coolant thru

Speed-Drill - R4

Applications: Developed with a focus on iron-based materials, including grey and ductile iron. The special corner radius coupled with the 4-facet point ensures longevity and precision, making it a preferred choice for casting and forging applications.

Speed Drill R4 Options:

  • 3XD or 5XD
  • Coolant thru or Non-coolant fed


Speed Dreamer

Applications: When the demand is for ultra-precise bores and clean hole exits, the Speed Dreamer steps up. Its 6 guide lands make it the go-to choice for high-tolerance applications in various steel and cast iron materials.

Speed Dreamer Options:

  •  3XD or 5XD
  • Coolant thru

Rambo Speed Drill

Rambo 4 flute drill

Applications: The Rambo is the powerhouse of speed drills, designed to tackle short chipping materials. Its 4-flute geometry enables rapid material removal, making it an invaluable tool for high-speed operations where efficiency is key.

Rambo Options:

  • ∅6.00mm – 20.00mm
  • 4XD or 6XD
  • Coolant thru or Non-coolant fed
Rambo 3 flute solid carbide drill
Pin Bores on Automotive Part
Material: Ductile Iron
Tooling: Rambo Speed Drill with GTX Coating

Tool reduction from 2 to 1

5 seconds saved per part

Annual cost savings of 312 machining hours

Access the full case study here!