PCD round tool made by UC Tools

Polycrystalline diamond tools (PCD tools) are among the most useful tools of the trade when it comes to precision manufacturing and cutting various metals. If you’re looking for long-lasting cutting solution with faster cutting speeds for your precision machining on high volume applications, you should utilize a PCD tooling solution.

Here are some perks of using PCD tools in your manufacturing operations.

1. Exceptional Tenacity

Based on the way PCD tools are made, it makes them resistant to abrasion, and wear and tear. The hardness, tenacity, and toughness of polycrystalline diamond make it ideal for use on non-ferrous materials such as aluminum alloys, copper, titanium, platinum, carbon fiber, and polycarbonate. This makes a PCD round tool the ideal solution for machining a lot of holes on high volume applications.

How is a Polycrystalline Diamond Made?

PCD is made by bonding synthetic diamond to a sub-stratum of tungsten carbide. These synthetic diamond crystals are produced in the laboratory through a sintering process that relies on high pressure and high temperature. During the sintering process, a cobalt alloy is used to fill the empty spaces between the PCD crystals. This allows the PCD grains to bond tightly to each other, forming a firm product with better electron mobility and thermal conductivity. In some cases, PCD has superior properties compared to natural diamonds.

2. PCD Tools Provide Greater Dimensional Accuracy for Precision Metal Finishing

Surface finishing is a key process for metal manufacturers. It gives your metal products a smooth and polished finish. Surface finishing methods such as honing, deburring, grinding, and glass bead blasting are costly and time-intensive. PCD tooling delivers more precision and accuracy by producing cleaner edge holes with greater dimensional accuracy. This gives your metal products a smooth surface finish. Hence, you’ll not need secondary finishing methods for your metal products when you use PCD solutions. This will save you both time and money.

3. PCD Tools Have Faster Feed Rates

Compared to other hole making and finishing solutions, PCD tooling provides great efficiency because they can sometimes run up to ten times faster. With increased speeds, you can finish more parts without compromising the quality of your finished products. Because PCD tools have high wear resistance, you’ll experience optimum performance for a longer time. With the high efficiency, you can take up more work, and still produce perfect surface finishes.

4. PCD Tools Have a Long Cutting Lifetime

PCD tools have a longer service life compared to other types of cutting tools. While other cutting tools may last for a few weeks depending on the intensity of use, PCD tools will last for much longer. As such, your production will not be affected by lengthy downtimes as you look for replacement tools. When you use PCD solutions, you’ll have fewer replacement costs and operational costs. Ultimately, this will significantly increase your work efficiency, and increase your return on investment. This is another reason why PCD tooling can be an ideal solution for high volume machining.

5. PCD Tools Guarantee Consistent Product Quality

Since PCD tools are highly resistant to abrasion, they will remain in mint condition for a long time. As such, your products will have a consistent high-quality finishing grade. This allows you to guarantee your customers high-quality products all the time. By using PCD solutions, you are providing your process with a tool that is made at top quality and will perform for an exceptionally long time.

The manufacturing industry in the U.S. is the biggest consumer of PCD tools and PCD cutting solutions. There are more than 12.5 million manufacturing workers in North America. This accounts for 8.5% of the United States workforce. Using PCD tools in your manufacturing operations will boost your production efficiency and reduce your production costs. Your products will have a high-quality surface finish, without incurring enormous costs.

You can use PCD tools for machining aluminum and alloys, tungsten carbide, copper alloys, laminate floors, ceramics, glass fiber, graphite, and carbon fiber. This makes polycrystalline diamond extremely useful in manufacturing. To get the best quality of PCD tools, purchase from reputable finishing and tooling experts near you.