We are currently living in the “branding” and “social media” era of business. Websites like Yelp, Angie’s List, and Better Business Bureau allow consumers to see reviews of almost every product or service available. While this enhanced transparency is great for consumers, what does it mean for businesses trying to survive in today’s ever-competitive business world?

To be competitive in this new era, businesses must be hypersensitive to how they interact with their customers. Even manufacturing workers, which make up 8.5% of the total workforce, must carefully consider how they interact with consumers. Any interaction with customers, whether positive or negative, can be amplified and publicized on the internet.

As a result of this, companies in all industries have adopted more of a customer-centric approach to their business strategy. This means that a diamond burnishing tool business, like any other business with a customer-facing side, must put in extra effort to provide a positive customer experience both before and after a purchase in an effort to drive repeat business. After all, keeping current customers happy is much cheaper than acquiring new ones.


This new business-consumer relationship results in customer service playing a much bigger role in the success of a business. In today’s world where competitors are just a click away, no one needs to be a patron to a particular brand. For example, if a consumer has a bad experience with a roller burnishing brand, they will simply turn to a competitor for their next roller burnishing tool purchase.

As a result, many companies are investing in some of the latest and greatest customer service technology to better address their customer service needs. Companies are utilizing their websites, email, and customer service management software to address their customer service needs. Sure this new technology can be cost-effective, but is new technology the best way to address the growing importance of customer service? Some would definitely oppose.

Although technology can be a great catalyst for superior customer service, it can also be an inhibitor. We have all called into a company and had to press through various “menu options” just to get to the right expert, only to find that we will be put on hold. All of a sudden, a problem that should have taken 30 seconds to answer turns into a 30-minute phone call. Frustrating, right?

Being put on hold surely does not follow the customer-centric approach to business mentioned above. Customers want to feel like they are important to you, and software & automation can make customers feel the exact opposite. As a result, businesses must look beyond the latest customer service technology and first train their staff to be customer-focused, competent in the products they sell and engaged if they want to excel in today’s business world.

At Monaghan Tooling Group, we make superior customer service the norm. Between our trusted team of customer service representatives and engineers, we can solve any problem that might arise with the use of our roller burnishing tools. Whether it is a simple diamond burnishing product question, or you need help optimizing the efficiency of your specific application, we are just a phone call away. No menu options, no automation, just our trusted team.