Case Study – Reaming Replaces Boring For Gear Box Production

Challenge Details


High-volume production of agriculture machine gear box housings, requiring Ø89.97mm (+/-.018) bore in ductile iron, faced significant quality control challenges.

The existing single point boring method was inefficient for high-volume production, leading to inconsistent bore sizes and high scrap rates.


Diatool Top Speed Ring (TSR), equipped with
12 straight flute Cermet cutting teeth and a
G06 bevel, offered a solution that produced
an accurate bore from the first part. The
TSR’s design, particularly suited for ductile
iron, ensured a perfect size without the
complications and inconsistencies of singlepoint

Overall Results

Benefits Realized

Consistent Size Control

The TSR consistently hit the correct size without the need for size setting.

Scrap Reduction

Marked decrease in waste, essential for cost effective large-scale production.

Ease of Use

The Diatool Top Speed Ring came set to size
and ready to cut. First part was a good part
without the need for size setting.