We’ve got BIG News! As of Jan. 1, 2024, all support for Elliott Tools will transition to Elliott. This includes sales and service support for all metal finishing, burnishing, recessing and mechanical joining tools previously sold by Monaghan. This will open the door for us to focus in on our goal of being your “cutting tool expert”. 

Case Study: Reaming a Carrier


A competitor’s reamer was not consistent for tool life and results were unpredictable. A Monaghan Technical Account Manager was contacted to help provide a better solution than the current reamer. 
Turning Operation prior to burnishing:
carrier reamed with a diatool precision reamer
carrier machined with a precision reamer


 A Diatool reamer was installed with chip breaking geometry and produced a good part on the first hole. The chip breaker was added to remove stringy chips and yield a predictable process.


The size is running to the mean of the tolerance and yielding a Ra of 14 on the finish and because of the chip breaker there are no longer problems with chips wrapping around the part. This is beneficial because chips can affect surface finish or cause problems with tool changes.