Application Spotlight – Reaming Yokes

Diatool’s expertise in the production and development of high performance reamers has led them to create multiple innovative solutions for reaming slip yokes. With a focus on maintaining proper sizing and consistent machining results, a Diatool high performance reamer is the ideal solution when manufacturing yokes.

High Performance Reaming Solution

When machining yokes, holding the correct diameter and reducing cycle time are the goal. A reamer with multiple cermet tipped cutting blades provides wear resistance and stability.

Every reamer is designed to maximize efficiency within the specific yoke application parameters. If the yoke is made from a material where chip evacuation is a problem, the reamer can be made with a chip breaking geometry. 

Each Diatool reamer comes set to size and ready to cut, requiring no operator adjustment.

Application Information

Common Yoke Machining Challenges

Maintaining consistency within the bore diameter is the main challenge when machining yokes. Traditional methods like single point boring bars wear quickly, leading to inconsistencies. Additionally, boring bars require a time consuming setup.  

Chip control can present challenges in yokes made out of materials such as stainless steel. The high volume nature of these parts means that automation is often part of the machining process. Chips wrapping and balling up can create significant issues for robot loaders and tool changes.