High Performance Reaming – Steering Knuckle

Challenge Details


Propose a consistent and robust process that would replace the current single point boring system. The system should be easy for an operator to use and require minimal intervention. Overall cost per part must be comparable or better than the current system. Scrap costs due to bore inconsistency must be reduced, preferably eliminated.

The Solution

Monaghan proposed a high performance reamer from Diatool. A multi-bladed reamer utilizing eight cermet cutting blades allowed for fast cutting speeds and high feed-rates. To account for wear and to maintain the cutting size of the bore an expandable option was also specified. This expandability allows for micro-expansions to maintain the correct size of the reamer and extend the useable life of the reamer many times more than a traditional solid or fixed tool.

Overall Results

Benefits Realized

Cycle time reduced

With 8 effective cutting blades, the Diatool monoblock reamer was able to feed faster than a single effective cutting tool resulting in a 54 second per part cycle time savings.

Predictable Size Control

The multi-bladed reamer arrives on size and creates a stable process that requires no operator adjustment to maintain bore size.

Consistent Bore Finish

With a surface finish of 6.3 Rz and a 0.025mm tolerance held, the customer was able to maintain excellent bore quality for both size and finish.