machining metal

CNC machining is a vital part of the ever-evolving industry of manufacturing. It’s estimated that about 12.5 million workers are currently employed in the manufacturing industry in the U.S., according to the National Association of Manufacturers. This is about 8.5 % of the entire workforce! Keep reading this quick guide that will provide you with more information on what CNC machining is, the important function of high-performance reaming in CNC machining, the role it plays in the industry, and what CNC machinists really do.

What Is CNC?

Simply put, CNC stands for Computerized Numerical Control. This is a computerized manufacturing process that has been pre-programmed with software and code to control the movement of certain types of industrial production equipment. This type of machining can control a large variety of complex equipment. Grinders, lathes, turning mills, and other types of equipment can be monitored and controlled through this method.

What Do CNC Machinists Do?

CNC machinists will combine elements of mechanical design, tech drawings, math, and programming skills to create a variety of different components. CNC operators can literally take a sheet of metal and successfully turn it into an important industrial part of components for a multitude of different industries.

What Is a CNC Machine?

The computerized numerical control machines that are used in these applications are automated and operated by computers. These computers are executing a pre-programmed list of controlled commands. This takes traditional machining into the modern era. Instead of using old-school manual devices to machine metal or other materials, this is all controlled by a computer. Once a machinist has been properly trained on how to operate the CNC machine the rest of the process is more efficient and safer than some traditional machining methods. The use of these machines allows for greater precision and speed than methods used in the past as well. CNC machines can be equipped with a variety of different types of tooling depending on the application. For example, a CNC machine can be equipped with solid carbide drills and high performance reamers to complete the entire process on one machine.

Why Is CNC Machining Important?

This type of technology is important because it has greatly improved the safety and work conditions of many factories. Many of the tasks that a CNC machine can do today without risk to any machinists, would have been done by several machinists in the past, with each operator taking on considerable risk. It is also believed that the use of CNC machines helps to produce parts and products in a more sustainable way. Another huge benefit of CNC machining is the speed and precision at which they can produce parts. Equipped with the correct tooling, such as a high-performance reamer, CNC machines can hold precise tolerances that were not achievable in the past.

CNC machining has revolutionized many industries as well as made workplaces safer overall.