Standard HSS-E reaming tools from Ø0.6mm in 0.01mm increments.

50 years of focused experience sets RE-AL apart in the world of precision HSS-E reaming. With their deep flutes and proprietary coating, ACUREA, they are able to exceed the cutting performance of solid carbide jobber reamers.

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Advantages & Standard Options

  • For single use or volume production on conventional machines, turning centers or machining centers.
  • Reamers available in DIN 212, DIN 8089, DIN 8093, DIN 208, DIN 208 EXP, DIN 206 H7
  • DIN212 / DIN8089 HSS-E available with or without ACUREA coating, from Ø0.60mm every 0.01mm up to Ø20.05mm
  • Carbide Reamers similar to DIN 8093 available with or without ACUREA coating, from Ø0.20 every 0.01mm up to Ø13.03mm
  • Standard: left hand spiral, right hand cut (through hole)
  • Special: right hand spiral, right hand cutting (blind hole).
  • Straight, Morse taper, square end shanks are available.
  • H7 & ISO tolerancing and through spindle coolant available upon request.

Technical Reference and Downloads