monoblock multi blade reamer

Micro drilling or micromachining is very important in a variety of industries and applications. Working to machine small and delicate components is technically difficult and needs a high level of precision. Here’s how micromachining tools, specifically the micro drilling process works within the manufacturing industry.

Drilling into Micro Drilling

With micro drilling, you’re typically drilling holes that will measure just millimeters or micrometers. Generally speaking, micro drilling refers to drilling holes 3 mm or less in diameter. Often, the environment will enforce tight tolerances, meaning there is little if any room for error. In some cases, thousands of precise holes may need to be made.

Micro drilling is used in many different industries and applications. Perhaps the most common and obvious example is in electronics. That said, micro drills are needed in a variety of other industries. They are commonly used for the manufacturing of intricate medical device components that require a high level of precision.

Quality Requires a Few Factors

Whatever the tools, they need to be immensely high in quality. At the microscale, “small” problems are a big deal. If the drills fail or are inaccurate in any way, the materials may need to be scrapped. If poor-quality parts make it into a specific machine or process, it could doom the particular application. Keep in mind that these materials and components are often times expensive with scrapped parts hurting profitability.

Ultimately, successful micro drilling requires a combination of high-quality micro machining tools and an understanding of the machining process. If you or your company need micro drilling, it’s crucial to pay close attention to every factor to ensure machining success. Looking for premium micro machining solutions? Contact Monaghan Tooling Group.