How Has Micro Machining Affected Industry?

Axis micro drills and endmills

Machining operations can be broadly classified into three processes: turning, drilling, and milling. In
the past, these operations were more on the macro scale, but recently, micro machining has been
changing the face of the industry. As manufactured parts become smaller & smaller with new
technology being developed, the need for smaller machining technologies has arisen.

What Is Micro Machining?

Micro machining is a relatively new process that involves using smaller tools & machines to produce micro features on a part. Simply put, it’s a manufacturing technology that uses mechanical micro tools with geometrically defined cutting edges to produce very small components. This technology is used specifically for devices or features that have at least some of their final dimensions in the micrometer range.

How Big Is a Micrometer?

A micrometer is one-millionth of a meter in length. The average diameter of a human hair is approximately 20 to 200 micrometers.

How Is Micro Machining Changing Things?

Micro machining gives manufacturing engineers and others the ability to work in extremely high detail, machining intricate parts. These small parts can then be used in a variety of different applications where small size is vital to success. These parts are often used in medical device and computer part manufacturing. The ability to produce smaller parts, faster and more efficiently has allowed for new innovations in technology.

What Materials Can Be Used?

Micro machining can be applied to a large variety of materials, including alloys, metals, polymers, and similar hard materials. There are an abundance of different materials used in machining, selecting the correct micro machining tools is vital to ensuring profitability.

Far from science-fiction, micro machining is taking science in bold new directions every day. While more traditional machining lives on the larger or macro scale, micro machining can produce smaller, more intricate parts, and allows for the high-volume production of smaller components. This has been the catalyst for massive breakthroughs in the ability to manufacture new technologies in a cost-effective manner.  To learn more about micro machining tools, contact Monaghan Tooling Group today or visit