Reaming Blind Bores in Steel – Case Study

By February 6, 2019Case Studies

Reaming Blind Bores in Steel

The Challenge

One of our customers was manufacturing electrical motion control components using a 4-spindle CNC Lathe in high volume. The parts were made of 1215 steel with an aluminum-bronze weld. This particular blind bore required a surface finish of 32 Ra microinch (.8 Ra).

Our Solution

When the customer contacted us, we recommended our Diatool 3252, standard monoblock reamer with Cermet blades and a unique geometry to achieve a very good surface finish without the need for a secondary operation. The reamer has (6) cutting blades and features coolant through the center of the tool.

  • RPM = 4,000
  • Feed rate = 0.02” per revolution
  • Cutting speed = 80 inches per minute
  • Finish achieved: 3-4 Ra microinch (0.08-0.1 Ra)
  • Tool life: 8,000 parts

Final Results

The customer was very happy with the tool life and cycle time they achieved. They use two other reamer sizes also on high production jobs and have been a loyal customer since 2010.

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