Outsourcing parts to get the desired surface finish can be costly and, oftentimes, can result in poor quality. This adds lead time and more costs to the overall process. It is crucial for manufacturers to move as much of their processes in-house as possible, especially those involving surface finish reamers,  in order to reduce costs, improve quality and ultimately keep their customers happy. Burnishing is a great alternative to grinding and honing which some manufacturers contract out. Burnishing can keep parts on the same machine and achieve the desired surface finish in a timely manner.

In production work involving surface textures having a 100 to 125 microinch machined finish, burnishing tools can produce a 2 to 16 microinch finish in just a single pass. In bronze, aluminum, and steel, readings of 2 to 8 micro inch can be achieved with a burnishing tool. In cast iron, a 12 to 24 microinch finish can be expected. All of these results can be finished in-house without the need to contract out for honing, grinding or lapping.

Burnishing can be considered a low-cost operation because it eliminates secondary machines and setups along with other processes. Burnishing is a repeatable and consistent process with cycle times in the seconds, not minutes, thanks to surface finish reamers. Elliott burnishing tools feature long-lasting and replaceable wear parts, reducing total cost over the life of the tool. Common repair parts are typically in stock, which reduces costs and delivery time.  Burnishing tools can be used on CNC machines or a lathe, adding to their versatility.

Burnishing helped a manufacturer of steel impellor motor shafts move their entire process in-house. Previously, this manufacturer employed another company to grind down excess material that was causing them not to meet their surface finish requirement. After contacting the Monaghan and Elliott Tool teams, a carbide roll burnishing tool was recommended.  It achieved the desired surface finish and saved the manufacturer $47 per part because they were able to move the entire process in-house:

“Our experience working with the professionals at Monaghan has been exceptional. We turned a job that was running a little less than marginal into a profitable venture. Monaghan burnishing experts helped us find a solution to a finish problem that had haunted us for a long time. We not only made our problem go away, we increased productivity and quality at the same time.” 

Jim Fox – Manufacturing Manager 

Overall, burnishing is a proven method to move surface finish operations in-house and to avoid secondary setups. Trust our surface finish reamers to get the job done right. If you have questions about whether your part can be burnished, please contact the Monaghan team.  We have a proven record of tackling some of the most challenging burnishing applications and can help to move your operations in-house.