Diatool high performance reaming maximizes efficiency and lowers CPU compared to other hole sizing and finishing methods like single point boring and reaming tools. You might be asking, “what are some of the advantages of ordering a Diatool standard reamer?  What are some benefits of ordering a custom/special reamer?” 

Diatool does not offer any single blade or single-point tools.  Rather, their reamers have multiple cutting edges.  The Diatool high-performance reamer has been highly engineered and designed with multiple cutting teeth braised onto a reamer head. This allows the tools to run faster, improve surface finish, and reduce cycle time.  These high-performance reamers can be re-tipped an unlimited number of times (at just over half the cost of a new tool) and will perform the same as a new reamer.  Diatool offers several different types of high-performance reamers:  solid & expandable monoblock reamers, replaceable head reamers, expandable ring systems, the Top Speed Ring (TSR) modular reaming system, and special, application-specific reamers. 

Standard, High-Performance Reamers

Standard Diatool reamers range in size from Ø5.600mm to 225mm, with each reamer type having a specific size range: 

  • Solid & Expandable Monoblock: Ø5.600 to 60.599mm
  • Reaming Head Systems: Ø9.600 – 60.000 mm
  • Expandable Ring Systems: Ø50.600 – 205.599 mm
  • Top Speed Ring (TSR) Modular Reaming System: Ø50.000 – Ø 225.000 mm

On average, Diatool standard reamers have a shorter lead time than special reamers and significantly shorter lead time than many competing brands.  When quoting a standard reamer, the Monaghan and Diatool teams gather as much information about the application as possible, allowing the best reamer option to be quoted.  

Within the standard range of Diatool reamers, adjustments can be made for different cutting materials, application features, etc.  Diatool will recommend specific cutting geometries based on the application data to assure you are getting the most out of your reamer. Customized geometries allow hundreds of combinations to get the best set up for your application.

So how can blade geometry help?  

We had a customer who was only achieving 1500 bores with a competitor’s reamer.  The Monaghan and Diatool teams were brought in to discuss improving tool life.  After collecting all the data, one angle (geometry) on the reamer’s cutting edge was changed to assist chip breaking. This minor change ended up increasing tool life from 1500 bores to 10,000 bores! 

Special, High-Performance Reamers

Diatool also makes reamers outside of the standard range.  These reamers are designed and manufactured specifically per application.  The Monaghan and Diatool teams work closely together when applications call for something different and have overcome some of the toughest reaming challenges by developing a special reamer.  Special reamers have been made with steps, sizes outside the standard size range, and with unique coatings.  When an application-specific reamer is required, the experts of Monaghan and Diatool work directly with the customer to understand the entire process. We ask a multitude of questions to ensure reaming success in applications where reaming once sounded impossible. 

Overall, you cannot go wrong when choosing a Diatool high-performance reamer. Whether the reamer falls within the standard range or needs to be designed as a special, the MTG team will ensure you achieve reaming success. If you are ever unsure if an application can be reamed or not, contact the Monaghan team.  We pride ourselves on our reaming and hole finishing expertise