Steering Fork High Performance Reaming – Case Study

Steering Fork High Performance Reaming

The Challenge

This manufacturer was reaming a bore on a steering fork made out of case-hardened steel on a horizontal index lathe. The bore diameter was 15-0,027 mm with a pre reaming operation of drilling, prebore Ø14,8mm. The yearly production of this steering fork was 100,000 parts.

  • Material: Steel / case hardened steel
  • Machine: Index lathe, horizontal, tool rotating
  • Bore diameter: 15 -0.027 mm
  • Bore type: 2 bores in line, interrupted cut, irregular bore entry and exit
  • Pre-reaming operations: Drilling, prebore Ø14.8mm
  • Yearly production: 100,000 parts

Here was the original process:

The customer was using an expandable monoblock reamer supplied by a competitor, the reamer was carbide tipped with a TiAIN coating and a negative bevel lead. This reamer was achieving tool life of 1500-2000 parts after 3 total reamer expansions.

  • Tool: Expandable monoblock reamer
  • Cutting material: Carbide tipped, TiAlN coated
  • Bevel lead: Negative bevel lead
  • Tool life: 1500 – 2000 parts (reamer expanded 3 times)

Our Solution

After reviewing the project, the high performance reaming experts at Monaghan Tooling Group and Diatool worked together to recommend an expandable monoblock reamer with through coolant. The reamer was carbide tipped and ATN coated with a special geometry bevel lead G09K08.

  • Tool: Expandable monoblock reamer similar type 3461, with through coolant
  • Cutting material: Carbide tipped, ATN coated
  • Bevel lead: Special geometry G09K08
Cutting Data

  • Vc = 80 m/min ( 262 SFM)
  • n = 1700 RPM
  • f entry = 0.4 mm/rev ( 0.015 IPR )
  • f rest = 0.5 mm/rev (0.019 IPR )
  • Coolant: Water Soluble Oil

Final Results

Tool Life: 12,000 parts and 48,000 bores

Tool Life Improvement: +500%

After working with the Monaghan and Diatool team, this manufacturer was able to achieve over a 500% improvement in tool life.

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