Machining and manufacturing have become an industry to be reckoned with in the United States. According to Production Machining, United States manufacturing would be the eighth-largest country in the world on a GDP basis if taken as a stand-alone entity. One process the U.S. has gotten right is that of reaming, which is the process of finishing holes with high-precision multi-edged tools. It’s beneficial to any bore that has a tight tolerance & surface finish requirement. High performance reaming for low surface finish is beneficial to bore finishing for many reasons. It can replace a single-point boring, giving you faster feed rates, better surface finishes, and improved bore quality.

Faster Feed Rates

High performance reaming for low surface finish is beneficial in many ways. Faster feed rates will be achieved using a high performance reamer compared to alternative solutions. This high-precision process will improve your bore quality and decrease your cycle time because the tools can be fed at a faster rate. This is because of the multiple bladed design of the tool. If you want to decrease cycle times and save money, high performance reaming is a fantastic option.

Better Surface Finishes

You will also get better surface finishes if you utilize a high performance reaming solution. This process can vastly improve your bore finishing experience. Reaming on metal parts will give you a more professional-looking and all-around better surface finish and improve your overall machining process. High performance reamers are designed specifically for the material they are cutting, this optimizes the surface finishing capabilities of the tool. These better surface finishes can eliminate costly secondary operations.

Reaming can be highly beneficial for bore finishing. Some of the benefits include faster feed rates, a better surface finish, improved quality, and the ability to replace inefficient processes such as single-point boring. To learn more about reaming and how it will greatly improve your machining operation, turn to Monaghan Tooling Group. We are happy to answer your questions! Contact our team of reaming experts today!