Increasing the life of cutting tools will always be a priority for manufacturers along with manufacturing engineers. The benefits of increased tool life are obvious, reduced costs, fewer tool changes and ultimately a lower cost per unit (CPU). One way to increase life in cutting tools is by using Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD).

Polycrystalline diamond tipped tools are some of the most abrasion resistant cutting tools in the world. The hardness of PCD prevents tools from wearing as fast resulting in a lot longer tool life when compared to standard cutting tools. PCD tools are ideal for high volume production because the tool life outweighs the sometimes-heavy initial cost of using Polycrystalline Diamond. The automotive industry is an ideal industry for cutting tools that incorporate PCD tipped tooling because of the high-volume production parts that are manufactured.

Using PCD in cutting tools not only increases tool life, it also can increase cutting speeds. PCD tools can run up to 10 times faster than solid carbide tools when at their peak efficiency. This is another reason why PCD tipped cutting tools are ideal for high volume production, cycle times decrease when cutting speeds increase. Improved cutting speeds means that manufacturing engineers are producing parts faster and more efficiently.

Overall the use of PCD in cutting tools has increased tool life and allowed for faster cutting speeds. While these tools come at a higher initial cost the improvements in efficiency and tool life will justify the investment. Monaghan Tooling Group is proud to be partnered with UC Tools, who specializes in PCD solutions for the machining of aluminum components. Contact our team today or request a quote to learn how our hole finishing experts can assist you.