Case Study: Mechanical Joining of a Tube and Fitting


A customer of ours needed to join a ferrule and tube together to withstand up to 4000 psi of pressure. The ferrule was prepared with inner grooves machined in. 
Equipment: Electric rolling motor with torque control
Material: Stainless steel
Part: Ferrule & Tube
Part preparation:  Ferrule has inner grooves machined in
Requirement: Securely join 2 parts together
Specification: Pressure tested to 4000psi
mechanical joining tool manufactured by Elliott Tool Technologies


We recommended the use of an Elliott Tool Technologies Mechanical Joining (MJ) tool. These tools are custom made to suit each application. The customer manufactures a ferrule which has been mechanically joined (MJ) to a variable length of tube to suit specific applications. These lengths of tube are then connected using a proprietary clamping system which locates around the ferrules we fitted on each end of the tubes.
ring for mechanical joining assembly
Ferrule with internal grooves
tube ready for assembly using a swaging, tube expander or mechanical joining tool
2 tubes ready for assembly
swaging tube assembly using a mechanical joining tool
Finished assembly