Diamond Burnishing

Diamond Burnishing Tools are a versatile tool for achieving the proper surface finish on an array of different materials. Diamond burnishing tools can produce mirror-like surface finishes in just 1 pass. These tools are designed for linear surfaces which can include outer diameters, internal diameters, and face surfaces. Diamond Burnishing tools are available in two different styles: stick tool style and boring bar style.

Stick Tool Style Diamond Burnishing

The stick style diamond burnishing tool is designed for use in turning machines. The tool should be mounted so that the diamond is perpendicular and on center to the surface being burnished. The image below illustrates how the stick tool style diamond burnishing tool operates.

Diamond Burnishing-StickTool-OpProcedureBoring Bar Style Diamond Burnishing

The boring-bar style diamond burnishing tool is designed for turning machines to provide an improved surface finish on a machined part.

Diamond Burnishing-Boring Bar-Op Procedure

With these 2 different tool styles, diamond burnishing tools can cover a variety of different applications. Different types of metal shafts are an ideal application for diamond burnishing tools. Read this case study on diamond burnishing being able to save this customer $130,000.

Overall, diamond burnishing is an economical option for achieving surface finish and for replacing secondary finishing operations. Beyond the two styles of diamond burnishing tools listed above, the burnishing experts at Monaghan Tooling Group can design custom diamond burnishing tools to fit your application.

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