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Manufacturers supply approximately $2.17 trillion to the economy in the United States. Short lead times and efficiency are vital in the manufacturing process. The shorter time it takes from the start to completion of a product, the better it is for both the manufacturer and the customer. Here are three factors affecting short lead times in manufacturing.


Inefficient inventory control can adversely affect lead times. Improving control of your inventory can ensure you have exactly what you need on hand for manufacturing runs. It can minimize handling and investment costs and improve overall production processes.

Stockouts significantly affect manufacturers in producing goods. If you don’t have the necessary parts like aluminum components or inventory, you won’t be able to complete production. This can lead to dissatisfied customers and unnecessary costs in lost time and sales. Automating your inventory processes and shorten lead times and keep your manufacturing process on track.

The correct tooling selection can also play a significant role in delivering your products on time. If you do not have the correct tooling for a job you could experience increased scrapped parts which can adversely affect your stock.

Shipping Delays

Shipping delays can be a difficult and unpredictable issue to control in the manufacturing process. If market demand is high for supply parts, your request could take several months to fulfill. You can reduce the possibility of shipping delays by choosing suppliers close by. The fewer shipments you need, the less risk is involved when it comes to fulfillment delays.

Tooling suppliers play a critical role in making sure your products are manufactured and shipped on time. Communication and honesty from suppliers has never been more vital to ensure machining success and ultimately happy customers.

Unnecessary Manufacturing Processes

Optimizing your manufacturing process is a crucial factor when it comes to short lead times. If you are building components for a finished assembly that needs to achieve a required surface finish, burnishing can greatly impact your output. Streamlining your manufacturing helps you get finished products into your customer’s hands quickly and efficiently. There are many tooling solutions that combine multiple processes into one or eliminate an efficient process all together! Many of Elliott Tool Technologies burnishing solutions do just that, read case studies that prove just that here!

By managing these factors that can impact assembly and production, you can have short lead times with your manufacturing processes. You will keep your customers satisfied and your costs under control. If you are looking for high-performance tooling to help improve performance, Monaghan Tooling Group can help. Our experienced team of hole finishing experts can help you select the best solution for your manufacturing process. Contact our team here!