3 Types of Machining Services You Should Know About

angle roller burnishing tool

When you need machining services, it’s important to understand what types of machining potential candidates might utilize. The three main types of machining are machining with chip removal, the chipless machining method, and abrasive or electrical discharge machining. In this blog, we’ll give you a brief overview of how each type of machining works so you can make the most informed decision about your machining needs.

Machining with Chip Removal

For this method of machining, a part’s material is shaved or cut with a precision tool. Tools like micro drills and precision reamers may be used for this type of machining method. Until a short while ago, the biggest issue with this method of machining was the difficulty obtaining small pieces by way of cutting. This method also generates a lot of small shavings, also called chips. Now, injection-based machining systems can produce CNC pieces with a higher rate of accuracy. The chips are still there, but the end product is much more precise and the process is more efficient.

Chipless Machining Method

The chipless machining method requires machining companies to use metal forming processes like sintering, roll milling, stamping, casting, and more. When we say “chipless,” we’re referring to the shavings or chips generated in machining with chip removal. The aim of chipless machining methods is to reduce waste products. That said, this isn’t the best method if you’re looking for precision and manufacturing speed. If short lead times are a high priority for you, then it’s possible a different method of machining is going to be better suited to your goals.

Abrasive or Electrical Discharge Machining

In this machining method, excess material is removed and parts are shaped by a grinding wheel. This method of machining is incredibly precise and is often followed by burnishing, which can increase surface hardness by up to 100%. That said, it’s not the most efficient method of machining. But if precision is more valuable to you than speed, abrasive machining may be an excellent option to look into.

If you’re confident in your machining needs, then you should be able to choose an appropriate machining method for your purposes. Monaghan Tooling has the tools that will help set you up for success.