Elliott Tool Technologies burnishing products
Did you know that for every $1 spent in the manufacturing industry there is another $1.40 which is added to the economy? Given such, the need for quality manufacturing is vital. When it comes to the burnishing process, it involves utilizing a tool at a sufficient pressure that allows for working on metal to achieve the desired result. Let’s delve into the burnishing process, a quality burnishing tool for CNC lathe, and more.

Understanding Roller Burnishing

When roller burnishing is utilized, the process helps to improve either the size, surface finish, or surface hardness of a part. Burnishing is a machining method that does not remove metal but rather compresses the metal creating a more dense uniform surface with a better surface finish. External and internal surfaces can be burnished depending on the type of burnishing tool selected. There are many factors that affect the type of roller burnishing tool for the job and the way the tool is utilized. Some of those factors include tensile strength, diameter, part setup, ductility, and more.

The Benefits of CNC Machining

CNC machining has many benefits. For any manufacturer, the correct burnishing tool for CNC lathe can be utilized to improve the process and keep it on the same machine. Modern manufacturing demands efficiency and quality, CNC machining provides just that. Some of the major advantages of CNC machining include increased productivity, a more precise process, automated processes, enhanced safety, accuracy, and more.

A Burnishing Tool for CNC Machining

Utilizing a burnishing tool for CNC lathe is a choice that a manufacturer can be confident making. In fact, a quality burnishing tool for CNC machinery is ideal for accuracy in size and a smooth finish. Burnishing tools are built to last, most burnishing tools offer replaceable wear parts; this means a burnishing tool can be maintained for years without being replaced with a new tool! Benefits of the burnishing tool for CNC lathe include compatibility with most machinery and applications, resistance to corrosion, shortened cycle times, and more.
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In addition to burnishing tools, we offer precision tooling solutions that include high-performance reaming, solid carbide drilling, micro machining drills and more. 
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