Burnishing High Pressure Tubes Case Study

Burnishing High Pressure Tubes Case Study

The Challenge

A customer we were working with was manufacturing ST52 carbon steel high-pressure tubes using ECOCA SJ-25B CNC Lathe. The shaft lengths were 36.61” (930mm) and 20.79” (528mm), and the shaft diameter was 0.59” (15mm). This part required a surface finish of 7 Ra microinch (0.18 Ra). Before they turned to us, here was their pre-op process:

Turning operation prior to burnishing:

  • Speed: 2,500 RPM (0m/min)
  • Cutting feed: 0.008” per rev (0.2 mm/rev)
  • Achieved finish: 24-32 Ra microinch (0.6-0.8 Ra)

Our Solution

Once the customer contacted us, we suggested using a S2121-00M Single Roll Carbide Burnishing Tool made by Elliott Tool Technologies. Here were the statistics for this burnishing solution:

  • Speed: 2,500 RPM (0m/min)
  • Cutting feed: 0.002” per rev (0.05mm/rev)
  • Radial load: 0.5mm
  • Finished achieved: 6-7 Ra microinch (0.15-0.18 Ra)

Final Results

The single roll carbide burnishing tool produced the surface finish that was required, all in a singular process. This saved the customer from having to transfer the part to another department or hiring another firm to achieve the required surfaced finish. The result of this was our customer saving both time and money on each high pressure tube that was manufactured.