Burnishing Impellor Motor Shaft Success Story

Replaced Grinding with Carbide-roll Burnishing – saved $47 plus per part!

The Challenge

One of our customers had been making stainless steel impellor motor shafts with 50.0mm and 54.0mm shaft diameters, requiring a surface finish of less than 16 Ra microinch (0.4 Ra) using a CNC turning machine. Previously, the customer had employed another company to grind down any excess material that was causing them to not achieve their required surface finish.

Our Solution

We suggested that they use a carbide-roll burnishing tool instead of employing another company to grind off the excess material. Here were our final burnishing operation statistics:

  • Speed: 800 RPM (125m/min)
  • Feed rate: 0.004” per rev (0.1mm/rev)
  • Total Cycle Time: 130 seconds

Final Results

Our carbide-roll burnishing tool produced a surface finish of 8 to 12 Ra microinch (0.2-0.3 Ra), and allowed our customer to complete their shafts without employing another company. Their savings were approximately $47 per shaft by excluding the grinding process, plus the customer saved even more money on transportation costs. Now our customer can offer lower lead times since they now have total control over their manufacturing process.