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IA Short Guide To The Burnishing Manufacturing Process
Cutting costs while maintaining quality is critical for any manufacturing facility. A burnishing tool for CNC lathe machines can help you produce accurately sized parts with a good surface finish. Roller burnishing eliminates the need for secondary operations, resulting in significant cost savings and can reduce lead times. Here is a guide to some of the basics of burnishing.


Burnishing is a process involving a tool with rolls (either single or multiple) that works metal without cutting or abrading the surface. This results in a better, often shinier, surface finish. In some applications, burnishing tools can increase the hardness of a surface.

A carbide roll burnishing tool for CNC lathes can be used to achieve a better surface finish. Burnishing can also be used on flat face surfaces such as aluminum components that conform to each other. The smoothed out surface texture seen with burnishing is created by surface imperfections flowing into the peaks and valleys of the metal on a microscopic scale. Roller burnishing tools can be used on a variety of surfaces including, but not limited to: hydraulic system components, shaft fillets, connectors, railway axles, and many more.


Burnishing can have a multitude of effects on the manufacturing of mechanical components. With the ability to eliminate secondary setups or, in some cases, hand polishing, burnishing can drastically reduce cycle time and CPU. This is especially true for mechanical components that are produced at a high volume.

Manufacturers have the ability to save thousands of dollars if they implement a burnishing tool into their production process. Working together, the engineers at MTG and Elliott Tool Technologies can design a burnishing tool to work in some of the most challenging applications.

By using a burnishing tool for CNC lathes, you can decrease production times, reduce costs, and increase the quality of produced parts. If you are looking for high-quality burnishing tools for precision metal finishing, reach out to our professionals at Monaghan Tooling Group. We offer roller burnishing, diamond burnishing, carbide roll, and mechanical joining tools for your manufacturing needs. We’ve been providing superior customer service for over 30 years and would love to assist you. Contact us today to request a custom quote! Contact us today to request a custom quote!