Often times the last tool to touch a machined part is a metal finishing tool. Metal finishing tools can be used for a variety of different reasons, more likely than not to maintain size or achieve a surface finish requirement. It is crucial that finishing tools for metal are accurate in order to avoid scrapped parts. There are many different types of finishing tools for metal, some of which we will discuss are burnishing and high-performance cutting tools, reamers specifically. 


Burnishing tools are a form of finishing tools that are typically used to achieve a surface finish requirement on a part. Burnishing does not remove any material, rather it smooths out the peaks and valleys in metal giving it a nice uniformed finish. Burnishing can eliminate other forms of finishing such as grinding, honing and hand polishing. These are all processes that do not run as efficiently or can be very time consuming to set up and run compared to burnishing. Below is a chart that compares the surface finish you can expect to achieve from burnishing compared to other metal finishing processes. 

There are multiple types of burnishing tools to help fit almost any application. Some types of burnishing include, OD/ID carbide roll burnishing, OD/ID multi-roll burnishing, angle burnishing, and diamond burnishing. Monaghan Tooling Group has worked with thousands of different applications to design specialized burnishing tools to fit an application. These metal finishing tools have saved customers hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by eliminating secondary setups. Burnishing tools can work in a lathe or CNC machine making them a very versatile tool. 

High-performance Reamers are another example of a finishing tool for metal. High-performance Reamers are metal finishing tools that are used to control size and surface finish in a bore. These tools are accurate and have multiple blades which include the guiding and cutting operation in each blade of the reamer. These finishing tools are often the last tool to touch the bore and can achieve surface finishes without the need for secondary setups to do so. High-performance reamers have good tool life and can run at higher speeds and feeds than an average reamer. These tools help manufacturers achieve better quality and scrap fewer parts, especially compared to single point boring. 


A quality burnishing tool for metal is key to a successful production process. It is crucial that these tools are accurate and efficient. The team at Monaghan Tooling Group are experts in precision hole metal finishing. Check out some of the case studies below to see how metal finishing tools can help your process.