metal shaft that was burnished using a diamond burnishing tool

Burnishing is an important technique in the manufacturing industry. Particularly, it is a chiplessmachining method that doesn’t remove metal; instead, it cold works or “irons out” the metal. Thiscreates a uniform surface, resulting in an improved finish and better part quality.If your applications need a fantastic surface finish you could utilize this method, keep reading to learnabout some of the basics on how to use a burnishing tool.

Types of Burnishing Tools

The three most common types of burnishing tools are diamond, multi-roll, and single carbide rollburnishing tools. Diamond burnishing tools use a diamond stem to produce an ultra smooth surfacefinish. Multi-roll burnishing tools consist of a cage, which retains a series of precision tapered rollsrotating around and bearing on an inversely tapered mandrel. Single carbide roll burnishing tools usea carbide roll to burnish ODs, flat face surfaces and shallow ID parts.

Choosing the Right Surface

Burnishing can be performed on many different materials. Generally, burnishing is most suitable formetals up to 40HRC. However, harder materials have been successfully burnished. The amount ofstock allowance needed varies with the application conditions, material properties, wall thickness,nature of the machined surface and surface finish that is desired.

Why Choose Burnishing Over Other Methods?

Deciding which method to choose for getting that desired surface finish can be complicated and/orcostly. A burnishing tool is a versatile solution and is effective for many different part setups.Additionally, burnishing can be used to replace secondary operations such as grinding, honing & handpolishing, decreasing cycle time and cost per unit.

Benefits of Using a Burnishing Tool

Advantages of knowing how to use a burnishing tool and utilizing this method in the workplaceinclude:

  • Improved process security
  • It’s cost-effective, as the process eliminates secondary processes and set ups
  • Allows for accurate sizing
  • Burnishing tools are easy to use, maintain, and repair
  • It’s a versatile solution
  • Burnishing tools can increase a parts resistance to fatigue and failure at stress points
  • The method’s results are high-quality and long-lasting
  • Burnishing can increase surface hardness

Understanding how to use a burnishing tool is ideal for those looking to produce a uniform, fantasticsurface finish on their parts in a time and cost-efficient manner. To learn more about the burnishingmethod and to see if burnishing is a good fit for your application, contact Monaghan Tooling today.