If you were to separate the U.S. manufacturing industry into its own entity, it would be the equivalent of the eighth-largest country in the world according to a GDP basis. Manufacturing relies on special tools and processes to hold its success in delivering customer satisfaction with the products it produces. One of these special processes is burnishing. Here’s everything you need to know about the burnishing process and its advantages.


Burnishing is a process that modifies the finish of a surface through a precision metal finishing tool. This can be either a ball or roller burnishing tool. This tool smooths metal peaks over valleys in the surface without removing metal from the workpiece. A burnishing tool for CNC lathe rotates the balls or rollers in an orbital motion to deliver dimensional accuracy.


There are two main types of the burnishing process: ball and roller burnishing. With ball burnishing, spherical balls are supported by hydraulic pressure in a shank. Hydraulic fluid is circulated constantly to maintain the ball’s connection with the workpiece. Some ball burnishing tools utilize a spring instead of hydraulic fluid to control the ball’s positioning.What is Burnishing?

Roller burnishing can use either single or multiple rollers wrapped around a supporting shank. The shank can be mounted to a CNC lathe, milling machine, or drilling machine. When the machine comes into contact with the workpiece, the rollers rotate to smooth metal and aluminum components.


There are several advantages to the burnishing process. Burnishing delivers precise control over the size of the workpiece. It can also deliver a superfine surface finish and increase its hardness. Burnished metal can become more corrosion resistant and bear heavier loads.

The burnishing process can eliminate the expensive and time-consuming processes of honing and grinding. It can produce short lead times because it can be loaded onto lathes and drilling machines. Parts for burnishing tools can easily be replaced at an affordable price.

Burnishing is an economical process that helps manufacturers deliver superior products to their customers. It can help speed up the manufacturing process, which can lead to greater revenue. For more information on how burying tools for metal can benefit your manufacturing, contact Monaghan Tooling Group today.