ID multi roller burnishing tools grouped together
Burnishing tools are used by machinists for a variety of different applications. These tools show their value through their versatility, ease of use and ability to replace inefficient processes. Here are the top three burnishing tools that you are most likely to use for your application. 

1. OD Carbide Roller Burnishing Tool

Manufactured by Elliott Tool Technologies, the Carbide roller burnishing tool is a reliable tool for achieving a great surface finish on a variety of different materials and part setups. Commonly used on parts such as shafts, ball studs, cylinders and more, the OD carbide roll burnishing tool will instantly improve surface finish and provide results. The carbide rolls used on this tool can be reground & replaced, extending the tool’s lifetime value.
single roll roller burnishing tool

2. ID Multi-Roll Burnishing Tool

multi roller burnishing tools
One of the best ways to achieve an extremely fine surface finish within a bore is with an ID multiple roll burnishing tool. Avoid slow, ineffective methods such as grinding or honing for finishing internal diameters. ID multi-roll burnishing tools have a wide range of sizes available and can be used on many different materials. The rolls used in these tools are replaceable, thus extending lifetime value.

3. Diamond Burnishing Tool

Versatility, great surface finish, and tool life that is second to none.  Those are just a few of the many benefits diamond burnishing tools have to offer. Made with replaceable diamond stems, diamond burnishing is a low-cost method for producing ultra-smooth surface finishes on linear surfaces. With its user-friendliness and consistency, diamond burnishing has been used by large and small manufacturers across the globe.
diamond burnishing tool stem
Within the top three burnishing tools listed, there are thousands of different variations available. Beyond the top three, there are other burnishing options such as flat face burnishing tools, OD multi-roll burnishing tools, and more! No matter the type of burnishing tool used, burnishing is a proven process that produces results.