Using Id Multi-roll Burnishing Tools for Lower Costs and Improved Part Quality

ID multi roller burnishing tool manufactured by Elliott Tool Technologies

What would you do to finish the surface of a piece of metal so that it has a smooth and mirror-like finish? How would you achieve this without utilizing an abrasive process such as grinding? For many applications, roller burnishing can be utilized without removing any metal.

In its simplest form, roller burnishing is a process used for finishing a surface–most commonly metal. While burnishing helps to smooth a surface, burnishing also aids in increasing the surface hardness from 50% to 100%. Let’s delve deeper into roller burnishing as well as ID multi-roll burnishing.

High Quality Smooth Finish

The main objective of both roller burnishing as well as ID multi-roll burnishing is to achieve a smooth and high-quality surface finish without imperfections. The roller burnishing process also provides a quality precision metal finishing that cannot be achieved with certain machinery and often require costly secondary operations.

The ID Multi-Roll Burnishing Tool and a Quality Finish

An ID multi-roll burnishing tool is utilized to burnish internal surfaces. This process helps to create an exceptionally fine finish in many non-ferrous and ferrous metals. Additionally, the ID multi-roll burnishing tool is an easy to use solution that is very accurate and can significantly reduce machining time.

Roller Burnishing and the Cost-Conscious Manufacturing Market

Given today’s cost-conscious and efficient manufacturing environment, shop owners and production managers can achieve a fine finish and the correct sized products while keeping there process in house or on the same machine. Roller burnishing helps to eliminate the need for any kind of secondary operations or outsourcing of parts. This results in tremendous savings in costs, time, and energy. ID multi-roll burnishing and other forms of roller burnishing further help to improve the quality of the finished product and in some cases they can even reduce scrapped parts!

Process Improvements and Part Quality

Roller burnishing was first utilized in the 1930s in various manufacturing settings. It was a method that was seen to help with the life of rotating machinery shafts, railroad car axles, and more. Later, in the 1960s, roller burnishing was a method that had grown and was widely used particularly in car manufacturing plants.

The ID multi-roll burnishing tool is utilized in an array of manufacturing settings. The tool also helps to improve minor surface irregularities, which result in a low microinch surface finish. There are various multi-roll burnishing tools designed for low micro-finishing, accurate sizing, and even surface hardening of ID holes. Thanks to evolving technology, the ID multi-roll burnishing tool continues to provide quality finishes to metals.

Where Can I Get Quality Roller Burnishing Tools For My Machine or Business?

Monaghan Tooling Group, based in Dayton, Ohio provides a multitude of burnishing solutions to the manufacturing industry. Some of these solutions are roller burnishing and more specifically ID multi-roll burnishing . We have many different burnishing capabilities that include standard and special burnishing solutions manufactured by Elliott Tool Technologies.

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