Ventilator burnishing tool

Ventilator burnishing tool

Meeting Our Customers’ Needs During This Critical Time

Monaghan Tooling Group (MTG) received a quote request from our distributor Butler Brothers in New England. Butler Brothers’ customer was in urgent need of a tool to produce a very fine micro-finish on a flat surface of a ventilator component. Production of these ventilator parts had to be ramped up to 2,500 per week by mid-April.

“As soon as we heard ‘ventilator’, we made this request our #1 priority. Even though this was a very urgent need for the manufacturing of life-saving and sustaining equipment, it was still critical to work within our process at Monaghan Tooling Group and Elliott Tool Technologies (ETT)”, said Scott Monaghan, President of Monaghan Tooling Group.

After reviewing the application, MTG determined that a custom designed flat-face multi-roller burnishing tool would do the job. Following some emails and phone conversations with Butler Brothers for clarification on what was needed, all questions were answered, and the decision was made by the customer to move forward and place the order.

“What happened next wouldn’t have been possible without the teamwork, communication and the shared urgency among everyone at MTG and ETT, knowing life-saving equipment was on the line”, said Andrea Rees, Operations Manager of Monaghan Tooling Group.


  • April 1, 2020

  • 11:26am MTG received the PO from Butler Brothers.- MTG received the PO from Butler Brothers.
  • 12:39pm MTG finished creating the engineering project and all pertinent data was transferred to the ETT engineering and design.
  • 3:14pm ETT had the approval drawing completed and the approval print was sent to the customer.
  • 4:15pm MTG received the signed approval of the burnishing tool design back from Butler Brothers.
  • 4:19pm Signed approval was submitted to ETT Engineering and work immediately began on detailed prints.
  • April 2, 2020

  • 8:39am Prints released to ETT manufacturing.
  • 11:00am Work orders hit the manufacturing floor the necessary machines were immediately programmed.

How did we do it so quickly?

ETT’s modular flat-face tool design ensures quicker design, faster manufacturing, and higher quality. This particular tool is made up of 45 individual components: 11 of which are precision machined by ETT and 34 components are purchased items.

A recent tooling design optimization project for all angle and flat-face burnishing tools allowed ETT to redesign the product line to utilize a limited number of standard components for a variety different tool sizes. This minimized the number of custom components that would have to be designed and manufactured for individual, custom applications.

“ETT Engineering was able to utilize design automation tools within the 3D CAD system to automatically generate models, based on application variables. This allowed us to reduce our design time by roughly 50%”, said Ben Lambers, Engineering Manager of Elliott Tool Technologies.

“With custom engineered tooling, no matter how fast you react, if you don’t do it precisely and accurately, speed means nothing.” – Scott Monaghan, President of MTG

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