Before and after burnishing surface finish

If burnishing is a part of your product manufacturing, you may be looking for ways to streamline your process to become as efficient as possible. Having effective and up-to-date burnishing equipment is an important part of making sure that your manufacturing process continues to run smoothly. If you’re wondering what is a burnishing tool used for and how can it help my product, below are the answers.

The Types of Burnishing

There are two main types of burnishing, and if you’re asking the question what is a burnishing tool used for, knowing the difference between these two types can be helpful.

Roller burnishing is a cold working process technique that works by moving hardened rollers against the material that you are trying to burnish. This creates a very fine finish on the material’s surface.

Ball burnishing also creates a fine finish, but it is used more often when you want a specific color or luster for the product. As the name indicates, during ball burnishing, a ball is pressed to the surface of the material being burnished.

Smoothing Your Metal Surfaces

When you burnish a material in order to achieve a smooth surface, there are a few things that you’re ensuring. The first is that you’re not going to get any chipping or cracking on your metal surface either during the burnishing process. This is because the surface material itself isn’t being chipped away, it’s just been smoothed down using the pressure of the burnishing tool. This is why burnishing tools for metal are so preferable — you won’t have to worry about pieces of the material chipping off and flying into the air because nothing is chipping off.

No Grinding or Honing

Processes like grinding and honing are highly abrasive and can cause chips and cracks to your metal during the process of smoothing down the surface. Replace these processes with burnishing, and not only will you not need to worry about chipping or otherwise damaging your metal with these methods, but you will also have an easily repeatable process in your manufacturing line. Having a consistent method that will function the same for each piece of equipment can help keep you on schedule when it comes to manufacturing times.

Whether you’re running one of the 3,626 large manufacturing firms or one of the 252,737 small firms, burnishing can help your metal finishing process become streamlined and chip-free. If you’re still asking yourself what is a burnishing tool used for, feel free to contact the team at Monaghan Tooling today. We are more than happy to discuss how our tools work and which may be the best fit for you anytime.