ID multi roller burnishing tool

Machining operations are classified into three basic processes, including turning, drilling, and milling.
When machining precision components in today’s world, very high-quality standards need to be met.
This is especially apparent when it comes to surface finish on a part. One of the most efficient & cost-
effective ways to achieve a good surface finish is with burnishing. Let’s look a little closer at what
burnishing is and why it is important.

The Process of Burnishing

Burnishing is a machining process that does not remove any metal but rather cold works metal
without cutting or abrading the surface. The process involves the use of a burnishing tool that
compresses or “irons-out” a metal surface creating a dense and more uniform surface. The process of
burnishing is a versatile solution and can be applied to a variety of different applications.

Benefits of Burnishing

You might wonder why it is important to burnish your part. Well, the truth is burnishing is more than
just a technique for giving your parts a mirror like finish. When you choose to use a burnishing tool for
your application you could be replacing an expensive secondary operation. One of the key benefits to
burnishing is its ability to replace costly finishing operations that are often completed on a different
machine. Burnishing tools can be implemented into the machining cycle, eliminating the need for
secondary operations such as grinding, honing and hand polishing. The benefits of this include more
process stability and significant cost

Burnishing and Corrosion Resistance

The surface hardening & surface finish improvement that happens during burnishing eliminates
imperfections to the surface of your material. As a result, your workpiece will have greater resistance
to wear. The results of utilizing a burnishing tool in your operation can be seen by the quality products
that are machined with burnishing. In some cases, burnishing will even improve a products life cycle.

Overall burnishing tools provide a consistent and stable solution for improving your parts surface finish
& hardness. Additionally, burnishing can provide cost saving benefits with its ability to completely
eliminate certain secondary operations such as hand polishing.