What is the Internal Recessing Unit and what does it do?

Internal Recessing (IRU)

If you ‘re looking for a machining tool with excellent feed rates, utmost precision, and easy-to-understand operation, look no further. In this post, we’ll discuss one of the most innovative products Elliott Tool Technologies has to offer: the Internal Recessing Unit. (IRU).

What is it?

Called the IRU for short, this tool is designed to replace circular milling on individual internal grooves, which is very time-consuming. Of the three principal processes in machining (turning, drilling, and milling), the IRU is a milling master. In an operation where close tolerances and
finish are crucial, the IRU is simply the most effective and efficient tool for the job. And the best part? It only requires two settings:

  • Positional Location
  • Groove Diameter

This tool is designed for one job only: creating ultra-precise machine features. Combined with its excellent feed rates and user friendliness, there’s no barrier between your IRU and perfect machining.

What does the IRU do?

When actuated, the IRU produces multiple grooves simultaneously, quickly, and accurately. In other words, it eliminates the need to machine each internal groove one at a time. This tool combines adjustable feed rates with precision and quick cycle times to complete everything at
once. This allows for reduced manufacturing cost, less scrap, and improved product performance.

Unlike stick-typetools, there is zero deflection when cutting the grooves into bores. The IRU can cut grooves from solid material or from casted cored sections. The cutting blades can machine many different types of materials from cast iron, steel and aluminum among others. Say your
operation requires heavy use of the IRU. Not a problem! IRU blades can be re-sharpened anywhere from two to five times before they need replacement.

Applications that use IRU

The IRU can be used in CNC machines or lathes, as well as transfer lines or large drill press types of equipment. Typical parts that an IRU could help produce are valve bodies for spool valves, ABS brake units, or snap ring grooves for universal joints. Really, this tool works
wonders in any place where internal grooves must be held in relation to each other. If you have questions or simply want to learn more about how the Elliott Tool Technologies IRU can help you, don’t hesitate to visit us at www.mtgstaging1.wpengine.com.